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Tan-Jen Ltd, specializing in Architectural Precast Concrete. 

With projects located throughout Ontario, the Northern United States and Bermuda, Tan-Jen has the ability to create any CUSTOM product.


Established in 1989, Tan-Jen's, 20 years experience in all aspects of the precast concrete industry has provided extensive knowledge in product design, form building, pouring methods, finishing styles and production management. This expertise provides all customers with the highest quality from the drawing board to the finished product.


Tan-Jen Ltd. has built a strong reputation for the finest quality products and a pride in customer satisfaction. All pieces are created using 3D design software. Moulds are produced using our in-house 5 Axis CNC machine.
Concrete is poured above C.S.A. standards and tested regularly. Each piece is hand finished to create an even surface and then acid etched to give a cut stone effect.


Precast concrete can be designed and poured into any form, shape or size leaving the design up to your imagination.



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